2 comments on “DualCam 489 – You Looking at Me?

    • Hi William. Good question, and a timely reminder that I really need to make a lighting page for this blog. I use the cheapest possible kit, for lighting I use three 48 LED IR rings from eBay (less than a fiver each). The 808 cameras are quite fussy about getting enough light, you may notice image softening on the external shots due to insufficient light. Fortunately the feeder box itself only needs one of these rings mounted halfway up a corner facing upward. The combination of pale plastic and white lid give a pretty good result. The only thing I have to be careful about is not overloading them, they are quite touchy about getting no more than 12v. I have used a sealed lead-acid battery in the past without a regulator and managed to burn them out over the course of a few nights. Thanks for your interest.

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